Filter Medium

  • Freshwater

Easy-Life Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market and is completely natural. Suited for freshwater and marien or reef aquariums with over 30 activities. Award winning product!

Filter Medium is available in various packaging quantities:

3.4 fl. oz. (100 ml)
8.4 fl. oz. (250 ml)
16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml)
33.8 fl. oz.(1000 ml)
169 fl. oz.(5000 ml)

Dosage and Use

One of the key features is that it enhances and stabilizes the water quality in micro-water systems like aquariums and ponds. Easy-Life has proven again and again that that is possible in a completely natural way, without needing any chemicals or bacteria.

Important remark

Easy-Life improves and stabilizes the water quality very effectively. Using this product, the frequency of water changes can drop dramatically. Some aquarists haven't done any water changes or filter maintenance for longer periods of time, without any problems. However we really recommend you to perform a regular water change every month and regularly take care of your filter system.

Let the dosage app help you!

Our new app is online! The dosing app, it helps you determine how much product to use based on your aquarium. This ensures that there is always the right amount in your aquarium. Which ensures that your fish and other aquatic animals have a healthy, clean and, above all, pleasant environment to live in. Are you also curious? Scan the QR code now to open the app!

Use the web app now!

Step 1: Determine the correct dosage

Maintenance of all types of aquaria
First time usage
Full dosage: 1 fl. oz. per 24 gal. (10 ml per 30 litres)
Monthly maintenance
Full dosage: 1 fl. oz. per 24 gal. (10 ml per 30 litres)
Water change
Full dosage for refill water 1 fl. oz. per 24 gal. (10 ml per 30 litres)
Small problems
Slight stress, discomfort, fish becoming darker in colour, timid and nervous fish, slight contamination of the water
Double dosage, 1 fl. oz. per 12 gal. (10 ml per 15 litres) and, if necessary, repeat the treatment a day later
More serious problems, quarantine and transport
Serious stress, bacterial infections (fin rot, sticky fins, internal and/or external injuries), damage to the skin mucous, heavy contamination of the water, fungi, after medical treatment, during (long-distance) transport and quarantine
Triple dosage( 1 fl. oz. per 8 gal. or 10 ml per 10 litres of water) and, if necessary, repeat the treatment a day later

Step 2: Shake the bottle very well and add immediately - filters

First shake the bottle very well, and then add the product immediately after. You don't need to switch off the UV water clearer and/or protein skimmer during or after Easy-Life is added to the water.

Step 3: Turbid effect & clearing times

Easy-Life Filter Medium is a very powerful product. You can actually see the product working in the water. After the addition of Easy-Life the water goes cloudy, which means that the product is working. The more contaminants are present in the water, the longer this turbidity will last. Thus the period of time that the water needs to clear up, is a very good indication of the water quality. Anyway, the turbidity will disappear after some time and is of course completely harmless..

The normal clearing time for aquariums is 4 - 16 hours. Heavily polluted aquariums can prolong this clearing time up to 48-72 hours.