• Fluid Catappa leaves suitable for marine aquariums

    Leaves from the Catappa tree are known for their healing effect on fish: they lower germ density (less pathogens), prevent fungal infections, improve growth, prevent problems with the slime coat and stimulate the vitality and colouring.

    Through a special procedure, ingredients from Catappa leaves are made suitable for
    marine aquariums. Catappa-Marine does not discolour nor contaminate the water, while the vitality and colouring of the fish visibly improves andfish are less prone to disease.

    Product benefits

    • Fish and shrimps with more vibrant colours
    • Improves the general health of the living creatures
    • Prevents diseases
    • Does not turn the water brown
    • No extra organic contamination
    • Completely reef safe
    • Safe for soft corals, hard corals, shrimps, fish and other invertebrates
    • Has no influence on any water parameters
    • Has no influence on skimmers
weekly 10 ml per 100 litres

10 ml per 100 litres (25 US Gallons) every week.
In case of fungal problems or higher germ density, double dosages are very safe to use. Even when applied a number of days in a row.

Shake before use! No need to turn off the protein skimmer or the UV sterilizer. No water changes needed, because the product is biodegradable.